Individual, Couples and Family Therapy in Charlotte, NC

Individual Therapy

We offer therapy for individuals ages 13 and older. We can sit down one-on-one, lend a listening ear, and ask the right questions to help you learn and grow in self-knowledge.

Couples Therapy

For couples who want to grow in their communication skills or work on improving relationship dynamics, we offer couples therapy and marriage counseling to help you both succeed.

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Family Therapy

We offer therapy for families who want to sit down together to work on family dynamics with a trusted advisor who can ask the right questions and help create an environment of empathy.

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Contact Us:

Phone: (980) 224-3233
Email: [email protected]

Send Us a Message

New clients, please send us a message to schedule your free 15-minute Q/A call with Charlotte Counseling Associates, so we can answer any questions you may have and find out if we’re a good fit for working together to help you achieve your goals.